Staff Application


1. Personal Details


2. Previous work experience or employment.


3. Previous experience working in a camp setting


4. What key skills could you bring to a camp setting?


5. How would your friends describe your personality?


6. What is your preferred age group to work with (age 3-11) and why?


7. Something interesting about me is...


8. Do you have any relevant training or qualifications?


9. Are you available for both weeks of camp? (Priority will be given to staff who can do both weeks)


10. Have you received any medical treatment within the last year? Have you had or do you suffer from any serious illness? If so, please give details.


11. How did you become aware of this post?


12. Have you had a DBS check done for United Synagogue or Camp Kochavim in the last 2 years? If so, please fill in the date of issue and full disclosure number.


13. Do you hold a current First Aid certificate? If so, please give details of the qualification.


14. In the event that you are shortlisted, are there any dates that you would be unable to attend an interview.


15. Please give 2 references


I certify that the answers given on this Form are true and complete, to the best of my knowledge.