Camper Application

1. Child's Details


Camp Division Selection

  • Please note, some year groups are full. Please don't pay until we have confirmed there is a space.

Workshops for Years 3-5

  • Please select a workshop for each week that your child would like to attend:

2. Personal details of Parent or Guardian


3. Emergency Contact (If Parent/Guardian not available)


4. Medical Information


Camp Kochavim has twinned with the Step Up Summer Programme.


Booking Terms and Conditions

  • These Terms and Conditions form part of an Agreement (‘the Agreement”) with HGSS for the purchase of a camp scheme for my child.
    1. I am the parent/ legal guardian of the above named child and I consent to him/her attending Camp Kochavim 2019.
    2. I accept that the organisers have no liability with respect to your child other than that which is statutory during the operating hours of the camp and no liability for your child outside the operating hours. It is my responsibility not to drop my child before the notified start time of the camp and to pick up my child after the notified end time of the camp.
    3. I authorise my child to participate in any outdoor activities and outings off-site that are part of the camp. Children enrolled in Mini Kochavim, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will remain on camp premises, except for organised trips to the local park.
    4. I consent to my child receiving emergency medical treatment if deemed necessary by the medical authorities and authorise the staff to sign any form of consent required by medical staff if a delay in getting a parents signature could reasonably endanger the child’s health and safety. I will inform the head of camp as soon as possible of any changes in medical or other conditions. If my child suffers from any medical condition, I will inform you in writing prior to the commencement of camp and agree with you a protocol for dealing with that condition.
    5. I consent to staff applying to my child sun cream, insect repellent, ice packs or plasters if deemed necessary. In the event that my child is allergic to application to any of these items, I will inform you in writing prior to the commencement of camp.
    6. I accept that the organisers of Camp Kochavim has the right to exclude or refuse any child applicant at any time prior to or during the scheme if that person is deemed incompatible with the general wellbeing and running of the camp. Any additional costs will be at the expense of the parent/guardian of the child and no refund will be made.
    7. I accept that once payment has been made, there are no refunds available. In certain circumstances of cancellation, the organisers of Camp Kochavim have the discretion to offer up to a 50% refund of amounts paid for cancellations that occur before 31st May 2019.
    8. I accept that any wilful damage caused by my child whilst attending Camp Kochavim will be my responsibility.
    9. I consent to my child’s photo/image being published in HGSS and Camp Kochavim publications and website, newspapers and social media (without names). If you have any concerns, please contact us.
    10. I understand that my child may not be collected from HGSS camp by an unconnected person, without express written permission.
    11. I will provide lunch and snacks on each day of Camp Kochavim for my child, that are kosher (using the Kosher Nosh Guide as a reference) and do not contain any nuts.
    12. I accept that Camp Kochavim has the right to amend the programme at any given time, if deemed necessary by the organisers.
  • Applications will be processed once payment has been received.